Corporate Social Responsibility

"We want to lead the way to a more sustainable packaging landscape."

As a family-owned company, we see Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) includes our responsibility to optimise sustainability in all aspects of our value creation. Environmentally conscious, resource-conserving and forward-looking thought and action is essential for achieving this. We attach just as much importance to creating the right culture and supporting our people; employee health and safety and our social commitments are top priorities. 

We are fully committed to environmental protection values and the UN Global Compact principles for sustainable and responsible corporate governance. Together with over 19,000 companies and organisations worldwide, we support the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

As Pioneers in Packaging we are pioneering the sustainability of our own products and allocate a significant part of our innovation capacity to developing new sustainable solutions. We strive to keep the resources we use in the circular economy for as long as possible, and to achieve maximum recycling efficiency. We are also working to expand the range of applications for fibre-based materials and to replace today's plastic packaging with sustainable solutions. These, and related activities, all come under the umbrella of our Circular Innovation programme.