Prefilled displays ease retail supply chain

Prepacked displays enable goods to arrive quickly where needed, in a handy ready-to-place format.

As a brand owner, prefills not only ensure your products remain available in store; they can also help to ease the pressures on retail staff.

Our bestselling prefilled display systems include 6 tried and tested designs that are quick and cost-effective to produce. Should you wish, our graphics team can apply the creative; we can also manage the copacking and distribution if needed.

#DASH: Helping you meet demand by placing more products more quickly.
#HANDSFREE: Making things safer for everyone: reducing the direct handling of product.
#TARDIS: Keeping high-demand products in stock; making the most of available space.
#SHELF FAIRY: Replenishing shelves more easily, with SRPs and stacking trays.
#AMBASSADOR: Building confidence in your brand - even in turbulent times.

Our Sales & Shopper assistants:

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Whether it’s production or prefilling, delivery or design – we’re here every step of the way.

  • PORTFOLIO: Save time and cost with existing designs and tooling
  • DESIGN: Tailor your message quickly with our in-house design team
  • PRINT: Offset, flexo or digital printing to suit your objectives and order size
  • COPACKING: Deliver faster with less effort using our assembly and filling teams
  • LOGISTICS: Deliver product where it’s needed; to retail DCs or direct to store