Modular shelf displays

When it comes to off-shelf flexibility and impact, corrugated shelf displays are in demand as they're perfect quick-change artists that can represent any brand to best effect. Do you want a particular distance between shelves? Wish to have hanging... no, standing... no, inclined product presentation? Need a base plinth – or not? The possibilities are almost endless.

STI Group has therefore developed a range of different corrugated board shelving systems that suit virtually every requirement. These vary in their weight-bearing capacity, design requirements, purchase quantities and the amount of work involved in copacking.
What they all have in common is the chassis or body; holding devices for the shelves, trays or Euro hooks, and adapter plates that allow attachment to different types of pallet.
For standout branding and communication, manufacturers or retailers can choose from one or more bespoke dressing elements:

  • Base panels, in a range of heights
  • Headers, with optional 3D elements
  • Shelf strips and wobblers
  • Cladding, to customise the sides of the display

This modular approach enables you to implement a tailor-made, branded display solution both quickly and cost-effectively.

STI Group modular systems at a glance:

Cost-effective standard shelf display
Entirely made from cardboard
The individual system
The refillable display
For a speedy set-up
The quick-change artist

Display on Demand
Combining generic, on-stock display items with custom dressing kits significantly reduces time-to-market.
Enabling late-stage customisation also gives brands and co-packers maximum flexibility. Dressing kits can be printed offset or digitally, depending on the production quantity, on demand – reducing both cost and waste.