Tailor-made services and expert advice round off our portfolio of
packaging and POS solutions. As a full-service partner, we use our
considerable experience to reduce complexity for our customers.



Shopper insights, understanding of the customer journey, and retailer requirements form our creative team’s basis for packaging and display design. Graphic and structural designers work hand in hand to ensure that concepts can be realised within assigned budgets. Their ouputs include creative designs, 3D visuals, augmented reality visualisations and entire POS toolkits. Whether it’s a line drawing or a print-ready high resolution artwork file, our customers can receive all levels of service from one source.


All concepts and ideas from our creative teams are structurally well thought-out from a manufacturing standpoint. During the design phase, we lay the foundations for efficiency, to help our customers minimise the use of materials and resources and reduce costs. When harmonising and standardising packaging and display ranges, our Consulting experts provide additional support.


Filling packaging and displays with product can be hard to integrate into our customers’ highly automated production lines. For this reason, our services do not end with packaging and display deliveries but can also include assembly, filling and logistics. These range from filling packaging or displays with products, warehousing and shipping to retailers, and/or assembling, placing and merchandising displays in stores.


STI Pro Grafik GmbH takes care of all prepress services from artwork preparation, amends and retouching to the creation of final print files for offset, flexo and digital printing. This includes archiving and management of print files and the creation of proofs or 3D PDFs. Our technical prepress guidelines for offset and flexo printing can be found here.


STI CAD Laser Form GmbH creates the die-cutting tools and stripping moulds for STI Group plants. These are manufactured using the CAD data generated during product development. Having a common data pool from product development to prepress to die-cutting promotes the highest quality and consistency, reduces lead times for new jobs and lowers costs for repeat runs.


Whether carried out in STI Group's own laboratories or in cooperation with external institutes, all packaging and displays are tested to ensure they meet legal and customer-specific requirements. Results flow into the development process. Test options range from standard impact, vibration and drop tests to barrier and colour tests as well as extended drop testing. Even if a product has never been damaged in transit, it still makes sense to test designs in the laboratory; this also enables us to determine the minimum amount of material necessary for optimum product protection, helping to keep material use and costs as low as possible!