We are leading the way to a  
more sustainable packaging landscape


As a family business, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is our lived responsibility to plan and achieve maximum sustainability in all areas of value creation. 

Four action areas – company, people, social commitment and ecology – reflect STI Group's      
holistic CSR approach and form the framework for our strategy and actions.


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#1 Company

Responsibly developing STI Group and its products

Product quality and safety
Product and process innovation
Value chain standards
Sustainability and risk awareness in corporate governance
Integrity and compliance

#2 People

Our family business focuses on people. 
We are guided by our values of fairness, safety, health 
and professional development and education

Occupational health and safety and prevention
Fair working conditions, diversity, equality and inclusion
Employer attractiveness and personnel development
Complaints management and whistleblower system
Decision-making and communication

#3 Social engagement

STI Group is committed to its communities. 
As an active part of society, we promote social and sustainable development

Regional commitment
Support for charitable organisations and projects
Promoting the education and development of children
Support for those in need
Consumer and sustainability education

#4 Ecology

Climate protection, a circular economy and the careful use of resources are
crucial for developing a sustainable economy

Environmental protection and standards
Supply chain sustainability
Climate protection and CO₂ compensation
Waste prevention and recycling