Rigid boxes: gift box packaging to suit you

Rigid boxes are a very high quality form of prestige packaging. They are made from 1-4mm thick greyboard covered with art paper or other materials.

The resulting gift box packaging looks ultra premium, as the cover ensures no raw edges are visible. Coverings may be further enhanced by a range of detailed printing and finishing options.

Thanks to their construction, rigid boxes are extremely stable. And when recycled greyboard is covered with FSC-certified paper, they are sustainable too. Numerous customisation options make each gift box really unique.


Three basic designs are most commonly used: the flip-top box, lidded box and drawer box. The biggest advantage of the flip-top box is its foldability: this allows it to be stored and shipped flat when empty, saving space, cost and transport emissions.


Art paper is the most popular for detailed printing. Textured or special effect papers can also be used, as can textiles or leather. Alternative plant-based papers and natural-look finishes can help emphasise the sustainability of gift box packaging to consumers.


Classic offset printing allows sophisticated graphics, but it’s the finishing options that truly elevate a rigid box. A combination of gloss and matt finish with contrasting spot UV varnish can be particularly effective. Finishes such as deep embossing help to make prestige packaging even more inviting to touch, while hot or cold foil stamping delivers added elegance.


Depending on the product, budget and sustainability, different inserts are available for holding products securely inside a rigid box. Choices include cardboard or fibre-moulded, thermo-formed, foam or cork inserts.


Magnetic clasp, press stud, tuck-in flap, band or Velcro fastener: there are plenty of secure closures that work well with this type of gift box packaging. Ribbons and loops allow for easy opening and can add a splash of colour for a more flamboyant touch.


To make a rigid box, the greyboard is grooved so it folds into the  prescribed box shape, which held in place by the cover. This allows the box edges to be soft and rounded, or clean and sharp.