Floor-standing display units (FSDUs)

STI Group works in partnership with brands to offer customised display solutions. These solutions can involve a broad range of POS items that include floor-standing (also sometimes referred to as free-standing) display units (FSDUs). These stock-holding off-shelf retail displays are designed to effectively showcase a brand or product with maximum appeal. The first impression a brand makes in store is critical in determining whether the product will end up in a shopper’s basket or trolley; so the aim is to design an eye-catching FSDU that reflects the brand personality, communicates brand values or offers, and above all draws shoppers in for a closer look.

Nearly three out of four consumers in a POS Display & Decoration survey took note of in-store advertisements while shopping, and half of the respondents said they considered a display or FSDU to be important or very important. Using a display not only increased the likelihood of impulse purchase but also the willingness of shoppers to switch brand: 40% of those surveyed had spontaneously bought products merchandised in a display or free-standing unit, or bought a product that wasn’t their usual brand, because it was showcased on an attractive FSDU.

Product References

Last-minute FSDU opportunities:

Numerous factors affect which type of FSDU is best suited to the job. Logistical factors, weight limits, handling requirements and the amount of space free in store to set up the retail display all play an important role, alongside creative design and brand communication. A floor standing display is placed directly on the floor instead of on pallets. This makes it best suited to pharmacies, specialty stores and other sales channels where pallets are not convenient because of limited free floorspace, as well as supermarket outlets that do not insist upon pallet use. For cosmetics, confectionery, toys, beverages and snacks, a floor-standing display can be the perfect marketing tool. A FSDU can also boost sales of electronic accessories, pet food and household goods. Product-bearing FSDUs are often made of corrugated board, but can also be created from wood, plastic or metal if staying in store for longer periods. A corrugated floor-standing display can be great for tactical or last minute sales opportunities. A FSDU is often designed to fold down into a convenient size that fits the limited free space in a car boot but is quick for field sales reps or merchandisers to set up in store.

Easy and compact handling FSDUs

Floor-standing displays made from corrugated board are perfect for lighter weight products and can offer significant cost advantages for distribution. STI Group’s intelligent solutions include a range of standard and customised flat-packed FSDUs that are delivered flat to retailers. In-store staff can quickly and easily set up and load these displays themselves – effectively providing a free merchandising service and reducing the overall handling costs involved in a campaign.

Creative FSDUs: a brand communication tool

Brands are as different as people; each has a distinct personality, set of values and even traditions – and each generates different emotions in its target audience. For a FSDU to properly reflect the brands it promotes, it should be anything but boring. Striking contours, round or angular, unusual shapes and sensory surprises; STI Group display designers have free reign to use all the tools, tricks and innovations at their disposal to build the strongest possible brand presence in retail and stand out from the competition.

FSDUs as versatile merchandising options

Whether it carries loose or shelved or hanging items, or a combination of formats, a floor-standing display is suitable for a diverse range of products. Accessories such as headers, dispensers and contour-cut cladding can make a floor-standing display especially attractive while providing space for brochure, sweepstake and promotional campaign materials. Rollable displays with castor wheels on the base allow for flexible placement anywhere in store even when fully stocked.

Quick and efficient FSDU execution

Our display experts can advise on the right FSDU for your product. A wide range of standard designs provides the foundation for creating FSDUs quickly and easily, and the latest design and production technology ensures a high quality result. Offering offset printing, high-quality direct flexographic printing and digital printing, STI Group can design and produce displays in volumes ranging from 1 to 40,000 units or more. Digital printing offers the attractive option of customisation.  


What is a floor-standing display (FSDU)?

A FSDU is a display that is placed directly on the shop floor and not on pallets.

How are FSDUs shipped?

FSDUs are either shipped flat-packed or filled with products; some designs are versatile enough to be used either way. It is important that the weight of a prefilled FSDU does not exceed 15kg, as that is the maximum weight that store staff are permitted to handle.

What advantages do FSDUs offer; when should I choose an FSDU for my product?

FSDUs are especially suitable for lightweight products, or when the set-up space available in-store is limited. They are most popular in specialty stores, drugstores, forecourts and convenience stores.

Are FSDUs used all over Europe?

Yes. Most corner shops and convenience stores welcome FSDUs, so they are the most commonly used display type across Europe. Some FSDUs can remain in store for a year or more and are regularly restocked by store staff.

Are there are any special retail requirements for floor-standing displays?

Requirements vary between retailers and countries. STI Group provides local expertise and advice to customers, so that display design and production is focused on the needs of their particular brands and retailers.