STI Group produces POS displays and promotional materials made of cardboard and corrugate, for use in supermarkets, convenience stores, drugstores, pharmacies, forecourts, DIY stores, garden centres and specialist retailers.

STI Group’s branded POS displays are high-impact, sustainable and optimised for logistics!

As a leading display manufacturer, our tailored solutions and modular concepts enable brands to implement highly creative yet efficient POS campaigns. We support customers in multiple ways, from launching new products to promoting existing ones, or harmonising their entire POS offering across territories. Our overarching aim is to create memorable brand touchpoints for shoppers that drive awareness and sales in a cost-efficient and sustainable way. For longer-term POS campaigns we therefore also work with wood, metal and plastic.

Successful sales promotion materials are a vital part of 360° marketing communications, so our creative team draws upon shopper insights and customer journey understanding as well as retail requirements to inform the display development process. Graphic and structural designers work hand in hand to ensure the finished result is as distinctive and disruptive as possible.

We use our expertise to help customers develop an initial idea into a final POS implementation in store – find out more in our

POS displays whitepaper

Our co-packing team can assemble and prefill displays before delivery if required, and we also offer support with logistics and installation instore


Why are retail displays necessary?

A great display is like a silent salesperson, ensuring that shoppers stop and look more closely. The more intensively a target shopper engages with a product instore, the more likely they are to buy. Whether raising awareness among new target groups or driving impulse purchase in high volume categories, displays are great for communicating brand messages and product benefits. They can be particularly powerful for giving shoppers new occasions to buy and use a product. Off-shelf displays can also be an ideal way to place large additional quantities of product in stores, quickly and efficiently, to ensure availability during a promotion.

Custom vs standard displays?

As displays contribute to building and consolidating brand image, they must be designed for maximum appeal to target shoppers as well as retailers. At the same time, retailers and international brands can both benefit from using standardised POS materials across multiple brands and countries. Our approach is to combine the best of both: many of our most popular solutions use common individual components, which can be combined and enhanced on a custom basis. So a standardised POS display, often a single-color basic construction, is elevated using customised panels and headers. This enables a consistent brand presence across markets, while also meeting specific country and retailer requirements.

Where is my pos display manufactured?

STI Group produces displays at five European locations, in Alsfeld (DE), Lauterbach (DE), Neutraubling (DE), Gillingham (UK) and Rumburk (Czech Republic). As a display manufacturer, we offer extensive printing and finishing options. Large print runs usually use offset or flexo printing, while smaller runs tend to be printed digitally. With a choice of hot or cold foil stamping, textured, special effect or scented varnishes, relief embossing and even holograms, finishing touches can be matched to your brand.

How are displays shipped?

POS displays can be sent flatpacked – either as bulk components or as single kits containing everything for one display. They can also be delivered assembled, prefilled with product if needed. Longer-term displays are usually delivered fully assembled and, on request, we can manage instore set up on behalf of customers.

What sales increases can displays achieve?

Studies, matched by our own experience, show sales increases of up to 600% when using the right display; exact results depend on the product, campaign, display design, target group and where the unit is placed instore. We can enhance our clients' market research-based approach using our in-house pretest tools and store checks, and can support brand sell-in to retailers with AR applications and our sustainability scorecard.