DROP’N POP – the clever standee

Column standees are ideal for in-store promotional campaigns, exhibitions or events. As well as being used as a POS display, DROP’N POP standees are great for presentation space or as advertising columns.

This clever standee works exactly the way it sounds: hold it at the top, let the lower part drop, and it pops out automatically – DROP’N POP! Brand manufacturers and retailers swear by its clever mechanism and easy handling; and compared to some standees, it’s virtually foolproof to set up. This is a critical feature; as many as four in ten promotional items are never placed on the shop floor because store staff don’t have the time for complex assembly. When using DROP’N POP column standees, in-store merchandising compliance rises to nearly 100%. Gone are the days of store staff having to contact an assembly helpline to understand how they are supposed to piece together their POS. This clever mechanism takes away all the hassle and encourages instant standee placement.

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Three-second standee!

The classic DROP’N POP standee automatically pops into shape thanks to a patented elastic band system, which is why it takes all of three seconds to set up. Better still, the clever design allows DROP’N POP standees to be folded back down just as quickly and easily, then set up again at a different time or in a new location, making this type of standee ideal for repeated use. 

Compact transport size

Tri-folded and flatpacked, a standard DROP`N POP standee is roughly 50 x 40 cm in size and only 3.5 cm thick. Even an average car boot easily holds up to 50 standees, making this a great asset for field salesperson or merchandisers implementing promotions or doing tactical standee placement. Such a compact size not only makes the standee convenient to handle, it is also efficient and environmentally friendly to transport. Packed singly, these standees can also be posted.  

Value for money standee

With so few components, the DROP’N POP column standee is also very cost-effective to produce. Available in three standard sizes, and even the smallest standee offers a large communication area to effectively showcase a promotion or event. Distinctively shaped, the DROP’N POP standee attracts shoppers from a considerable distance.

Versatile formats

DROP’N POP standees grab attention everywhere, from retail stores and event promotions to trade fairs. Enhance your standee with extras such as leaflet holders, to communicate product information or distribute competition entry forms; or add Eurohooks to display and sell product, further increasing its functional value. Exciting new 3D header techniques can further increase the impact created by your DROP’N POP standee. An even wider range of structures is available, based on the classic DROP’N POP standee. For instance, three DROP’N POP column standees can be combined - with minor modification - to create an attractive archway in a store entrance foyer, at an aisle end, or even above a pallet display. Decorative walls can also be built up using DROP’N POP standees connected with flat panels and are ideal for store foyers, cinema theatres and exhibitions. All these variants pack down into similarly compact packaging as the standee, and are extremely quick to set up – even the larger-sized items.


What are the advantages of a DROP’N POP column standee?

These standees are not just great at making contact with shoppers or event visitors and drawing them in, they are also easy to use because of the patented elastic band system that automatically pops the standee into shape. Their compact transport volume is another big plus for this standee design; DROP’N POP standees are tri-folded and flatpacked to minimise shipping dimensions and single packs are suitable for posting. We can also create special shapes by means of attachments or contour cuts; simply contact us and we’ll be pleased to explain or show you what’s possible for your standee.

Is the DRO’N POP standee the same as other column and totem standees I’ve seen?

Elliptical columns go by several names in the industry. Many look similar from the outside, but the ingenuity of the DROP’N POP standee lies in its sophisticated internal mechanism that allows super-quick set up and easy handling. It also comes with the reassurance of being well tried and tested.

Is there a minimum standee order quantity?

No: DROP’N POP standees can be produced in offset or digital print, so your standee order can be any size from 1 to 10,000 or more.

What are the options for enhancing my DROP’N POP column standee?

Leaflet holders, hooks, die cuts and special finishes are some of the classic ways you can create even greater impact with a DROP’N POP standee. If you really want to stand out, you can’t beat adding a header with our special 3D visual effect. These work especially well with the DROP’N POP standee in store, not only drawing the eye but also creating a longer-lasting contact with shoppers. The header is made of corrugate, using special folding techniques create a 3D optical illusion. This makes it look to the observer as if the image is following them as they walk past. This element of surprise makes shoppers stop and take a closer look at the product being promoted. Contact us for more information.