Merchandising Units

Merchandising units are essentially a combination of packaging and displays, and are designed as an optimised way to handle, distribute and merchandise large quantities of product in retail stores. Like many point of sale display stands, the design for merchandising units is generally modular. Usually made of corrugated board, the units typically comprise a standard base, bin and cladding. The point of these cardboard displays is to optimise logistics, so the units are often an extension of shelf-ready packaging. For this reason you may hear them referred to as ’retail ready displays’ as well as merchandising units.

Easy-to-use, merchandising units are most often delivered to retail stores pre-filled with product, so the stands can be set up in a few simple steps. When used in combination with wheeled pallets or integrated casters, merchandising units can easily be placed anywhere in the store. Their best point is that the quantity and mix of prefilled products on the displays can be tailored to specific sales channels or individual retail requirements.

Product References

WOW effect display

STI Group offers customers a wide range of retail display solutions that bring a trio of benefits: easier logistics, reduced costs, and the ability to grab shopper attention. Just because merchandising units are efficient, doesn’t mean that these have to be boring displays. Our ‘Pimp My Display’ concept allows brand owners and retailers to dress up universal display stands in distinctive ways, to communicate brand-specific concepts and local promotions. The whole point of these modular corrugated cardboard displays is to provide low-cost flexibility and a versatile range of different looks.

Flexible Shelf: the customisable standard

Flexible Shelf is a modular corrugated cardboard display system that can be used to create a number of differently-shelved display stands. This allows brands to meet the needs of different countries, sales channels, products and promotions with the same basic unit. Headers, side panels, base cladding and other embellishments can be added to instantly transform the basic stands into emotional and eye-catching point of sale displays capable of captivating shoppers.

The core component of flexible shelf displays is a corrugated board chassis, in either ¼ or ½ pallet size, which can be fixed to all standard pallet types. Level or sloping shelves are then clipped onto the pre-punched side panels at any desired height, to showcase the desired mix of products. 

STI shelf clips are suitable for direct food contact and lend stability and flexibility to the final display stands. Better still, the clips do not have to be removed from display stands once a campaign ends in order for them to be recycled through the normal waste paper recyling system.

An alternative to shelves is Eurohooks, if product packaging is more suitable for hanging rather than on-shelf displays.

Boomer Displays: Cost-effective and quick

Boomer merchandising units are also modular, stable, cost-effective display stands but these have shorter ordering leadtimes.

Boomers are corrugated cardboard displays pitched at entry-level prices, ready to boost sales of a diverse range of retail products. Quick and easy to set up, the clever yet simple design of the Boomer range offers endless possibilities for product merchandising at the point of sale.

A Boomer merchandising unit typically comprises a single-colour, flexo-printed corrugated cardboard display chassis that is then customised and enhanced using different attachments and decorative elements, also made of corrugated board. This type of cardboard display offers significant logistical advantages in terms of distribution and warehousing, as all parts are delivered flat-packed and unglued.


What exactly is a merchandising unit?

A merchandising unit is a prefilled corrugated cardboard display, designed to hold and sell large quantities of product in a retail store. Merchandising units allow quick placement, enhance the visual impact of the product and trigger impulse purchases.

What are merchandising units primarily used for?

These displays are ideal for holding large quantities of FMCG products such as foods, beverages, confectionery, electrical appliances, detergents, household goods and heavy DIY products.

Do different retailers have different requirements for merchandising units?

Requirements for corrugated cardboard displays generally vary between countries, sales channels and individual retail chains. Shopping habits also vary from country to country, which calls for modular design concepts that can be adapted to suit the stock loading and retail placement of each country. STI Group designers understand individual country and retail requirements, and translate these into appopriate modular display solutions.

Can STI Group deliver pre-filled displays?

Yes. The pre-assembled merchandising units we produce are designed to be copacked with shelf ready packaging or individual products, making in-store placement quicker and easier for retailers.

Do you also produce cardboard displays?

The term ’cardboard displays’ often refers to a mixture of cardboard and corrugated cardboard. The stability and load-bearing capacity of a product-holding cardboard display depends on the technical properties of the corrugated board used. For a more premium finish, corrugated board can then be laminated with finished printed cardboard. Cardboard may also be used alone to produce POS collateral such as window display posters or DROP ’N POP columns.