Dressable Shelf – 100% cardboard

This modular system has multiple slots punched throughout the display body; these hold the cardboard eco battens that support either shelf trays or SRPs. Printed side panels can added easily, a highlight of the Dressable Shelf. Neither adhesive strips nor rivets are needed to fix the side panels in place; they simply slide into the guide rail on the body. A bit like a dress-up paper doll, the Dressable Shelf can be clad or re-clad in a few quick steps.



  • Simple inventory management: fewer, universal components
  • 3-part pre-glued shelf display - eco-slat shelf supports
  • Fully customisable: headers, claddings, trays and adjustable height base panels
  • Simple & quick to customise: no glue, rivets or screws
  • Can hold product in trays, or shelf-ready packaging
  • Freely selectable shelf quantity and heights, works with all pallet systems




  • Cost effective customisation: even small runs (< 500)
  • Wide range of design and language options possible
  • Faster time-to-market: basic module kept on stock, custom components digitally printed on demand
  • Cost-optimized for production and assembly
  • Simple assembly: no tools or accessories needed
  • Easy recycling: cardboard-only solution




Shelf Trays with Eco-slat supports

  • Shelves in B or EE flute
  • 533 x 361mm internal tray size
  • 2-3 supports per shelf, depending on load
  • Max 26 kg per shelf (using 3 supports)

Shelf-Ready Packaging with Eco-slat supports

  • Uses existing SRPs instead of trays
  • 2-3 supports per shelf, depending on load
  • Max 26 kg per shelf (using 3 supports)