HOLON – the refillable display

HOLON is a strong, modular ½ pallet system designed for longer periods of use in retail stores. Decorative elements can still be easily exchanged, and products are easy to replenish individually. HOLON impressiveness lies in its high-quality design, durability, and the wide range of looks that can be achieved.



  • Variable shelf location (every 50 mm) and side panel depths – combine for “stepped” sides
  • High weightbearing capacity – maximum 25 kg per layer
  • Suitable for any country or trade channel – configuration and design to suit local needs
  • Fully customisable headers, claddings, attachments and adjustable height base panels
  • In-store assembly: Simple and quick to set up
  • Easy disposal via wastepaper cycle - clips made from recyclable styrene-acrylonitrile




  • Good accessibility and visibility of products from front and sides
  • Range of display variants: narrow and wide shelves, different assembly options, flexible stockholding
  • Enhancements possible; e.g. spotlights and lightboards (battery operated)
  • Long-term use – individual components can be flexibly combined and customised
  • Last minute opportunities (no development time needed)




Standard components

  • Standard components as display body
  • Shelf corpus consisting of multiple shell parts with different depths
  • Shelves with different sizes can be used as required

Customisable components

  • Customisable components can be integrated into the display to suit individual requirements and communication area
  • Customisation for promotions and new products