Boomer – cost-effective standard shelf display

Boomer consists of a 3-part, cost-optimised body, delivered flat and assembled using just 6 pressure rivets. The body is high quality flexo-printed in one colour, while the base panel and header can be customised.



  • Two stable basic constructions made of trays with corrugated cardboard clips or eco strips or stacked chutes
  • Optimisation of components in terms of production technology saves cliché and tool costs
  • Logistics display with monochrome flexoprint design corrugated cardboard body
  • Individualization for actions via exchangeable, printed header and cover in the lower area possible
  • Logistics advantages, since all parts are flat and can be delivered unglued




  • Modular, cost-effective, stable and fast delivery
  • Flexible product presentation via trays, chutes or Euro hooks
  • Built on ¼ Chep or disposable wooden pallet
  • Short offer and delivery times
  • Set up in the twinkling of an eye: Packaging with only six pressure rivets
  • Easy disposal via waste paper cycle
  • straight and angled trays possible



Floor with eco-rails

  • 2 pieces per tray
  • max. 15 kg per floor

Floor with corrugated cardboard clips

  • 2 pieces per tray
  • max. 8 kg per floor

Euro hooks

  • Tool can be modified accordingly
  • Number of Euro hook cut-outs according to customer requirements