Social commitment

As a family business, the health and wellbeing of children and young people is a special concern of STI Group. We want to give perspectives, provide support and promote opportunities for their education and development.

Home for Kids e.V.

We support the non-profit association HOME for Kids, founded by STI Group owner Dr. Kristina Stabernack, which provides psychotherapeutic care for traumatised children and young people. By delivering professional support in crisis situations, HOME for Kids helps children go on to lead a balanced and responsible life despite the trauma they have experienced. 

As care in a familiar environment is particularly important for the long-term success of therapy, in 2014 HOME for Kids founded the ‘Home Treatment’ project in partnership with the Hamburg-Eppendorf University Medical Centre. Since then, traumatised children have also been able to be cared for by experts in their home environment. The Home Treatment approach proved so effective that health insurance companies now offer these services themselves, thus benefiting even more children. HOME for Kids currently supports various other social projects, all working to improve the wellbeing of children.

Wilhelm Stabernack Foundation

The third generation to run the family business, entrepreneur Wilhelm Stabernack (1923-1999) was not just commercially successful; he also led by example when it came to taking social responsibility for his employees and the people in the Vogelsberg region of Hesse, where STI Group is headquartered. He made it his personal mission to firmly anchor in the company a sense of social responsibility and a commitment to supporting people in need. To this end, Wilhelm and his wife Ingrid established the Wilhelm Stabernack Foundation in 1983.

The foundation has been committed to the Vogelsberg region ever since. With financial contributions from STI Group over 400,000 euros have been made available to support people during social emergencies and charitable institutions.

In 2021 the Wilhelm Stabernack Foundation supported a private individual, the Lauterbach Protestant Day Care Centre, the Vitos Day Clinic Alsfeld, the German Red Cross Alsfeld and the Protestant Church Parish in Lauterbach.