2022-10-06 –

We are delighted to announce 3 awards from POPAI UK & Ireland in 2022. Congratulations and a huge thank you to our latest instore winners Suntory Beverage & Food Europe and Unilever.

Refreshing summer campervan - Gold in Grocery & General Merchandise Temporary Display category

An iconic summer holiday vehicle, this campervan brought together multiple products under the Lucozade Megabrand. Positioned as a ‘Lucozade Hydration Station’, it featured in petrol forecourt stores on major routes to remind thirsty travellers to stay hydrated.

The two campervan ‘bookends’ could be placed around any number of Lucozade displays (chillers or ambient) to create a Hydration Station. Both front and rear have a slim footprint to maximise acceptance by stores.

Made from premium folding box board stretched over a strong, light EB flute frame, 3D lights and bumpers differentiate the front and rear. Arriving mostly assembled, it is super quick and easy to for stores to place.

Energizing launch campaign - Silver in Wholesale Activation category

This Wow unit and similarly branded suite of POS was designed to raise Lucozade Alert’s awareness and visibility in wholesale, driving all-important nationwide retail distribution prior to the grocery launch.

Modular and adaptable, the Wow unit could be used as a 4-pallet or 2-pallet setup to fit the depot space available. Based on a strong EB flute structure, printed cardboard panels, signage and giant cans complete the overall look.

The centrepiece is a giant cardboard can of Lucozade Alert, turning on a motor-driven EB flute platform, accompanied by flashing LED-studded signs highlighting the call to action, which successfully built retailer distribution.

United We Stand: Pride 2021 - Bronze in Shopper Marketing Campaigns category

Unilever’s 360-degree Pride shopper marketing campaign combined external and instore touchpoints across 646 stores with a supporting digital plan.

The Pride POS for Superdrug had a consistent and distinctive look and feel across all items, including gate covers, posters, displays, bunting, aisle fins, trays and floor stickers. The headline display was the bold heart floorstand, with its striking branding and shelves set in heart-shaped recesses. Delivered assembled, the displays had a fold-down top section that enabled compact delivery yet easy set-up in store.

Apart from the floorstickers, all POS items are made from monomaterial cardboard, with no foils or glitters, for optimum recyclability.