Print Management

POS campaigns often involve more than just a display or a packaging solution. STI Group Print Management develops, procures and distributes all kinds of print products, as well as creating, checking and archiving print artwork. This reduces complexity, lowers process costs and ensures, for example, that all elements for a decorative kit are available at the same time for shipping.

Modularisation and Harmonisation

Brand manufacturers are increasingly working on international POS concepts to ensure that their global brands retain a coherent presence in all countries. During the modularisation process it is important not to lose the emotional impact of a display solution; after all, this is what encourages shoppers to stop and buy. Usually, modular concepts are designed so that they can be enhanced with creative decoration.

STI Group is the leading European display manufacturer and is amongst Europe’s top companies in the packaging sector.
STI Group’s major customers include include leading retail groups and agencies, and 15 of the top 20 international brands.

STI Group is currently owned by the fourth generation of the Stabernack family. Founded by Gustav Emil Stabernack as a small book binding operation in 1879, STI Group is now a strong medium-sized business, with an annual turnover close to €300 million and more than 2000 employees.

As the Partner of Brands, STI Group works to create long-term added value for our customers. Our creativity and our understanding of the entire manufacturing process as well as retailer demands has been approved by several industry awards such as the iF Design Award, the World Star of Packaging Award and numerous POPAI Awards in several countries.

STI stands for Service – Technology – International. Since 1998 this has been the umbrella brand of STI – Gustav Stabernack GmbH, its subsidiaries and locations all over the world. STI Group is renowned worldwide for its innovative and creative packaging and POS solutions.