Cardboard blister packaging

2022-10-05 –

Universal Electronics’ (UEI) packaging shows how a monomaterial cardboard solution can replace conventional blisters and save a lot of plastic. Still offering excellent product protection with a premium appearance, it optimises the use of resources and, best of all, can be integrated into UEI’s existing packaging line.


Plastic blister


Cardboard blister

To improve the packaging sustainability of its One For All remote control range, UEI has phased out its plastic blister packs and embraced a paper-based alternative. The new cardboard eco-pouch has eliminated tonnes of single-use plastic waste and reduced material-based CO2 emissions. Even the plastic bag traditionally used inside the blister, to protect the device from scratches during transport, has been replaced. Tissue paper wraps fixed with paper-based stickers now ensure each product reaches consumers in pristine condition.

Bye, bye plastic

For the Evolve remote control model, implementing these changes reduced material-based CO2 emissions by 24%. Across three of the One For All remote range, more than 20 tonnes of plastic have been saved in 2020 alone. Of the packaging that Universal Electronics produces with STI Group, 70% is already monomaterial cardboard packaging.