Ti Ora - STI Group brings Kiwi flavour to the POS

2019-06-27 –

'Welcome to New Tealand!’ – New Zealand tea brand Ti Ora, from Jacobs Douwe Egberts, injected fresh life into the tea aisle earlier this year with the launch of its pyramid bags, containing original tea blends based on natural New Zealand ingredients.

A must-have feature on the launch POS from STI Group was the iconic Kiwi. The national symbol on these displays, developed for Germany, Spain and the UK, creates an instant link to the far side of the world and clearly differentiates Ti Ora. Naturalness and sustainability characterise this young brand, and this is also captured in the display design: its corrugated cardboard structure and clean looks are perfect for the target market.

The launch POS emphasises the pyramid-shaped bags that are a typical indicator of high product quality: they allow the tea to circulate better and the flavour to develop more fully. This unusual display shape, with its option of two-sided access, helps attract maximum shopper attention and drive trial. Even the Ti Ora packaging itself echoes the pyramid shape.

Shopper stopper
A trapezoidal bus stop in the main tea aisle further helps to ensure that all shoppers become aware of this new product. Easily slid between two packs of tea, the cute kiwi with its pyramid tea bag then overhang the shelf for maximum shopper disruption.