Compostable planting box for the windowsill

2021-03-11 –

Local and home gardening is dramatically increasing in popularity, especially among conscious consumers. flixGrün® organic micro vegetables from Carl Pabst are designed for maximum appeal to this sustainability-focused audience: they’re home-grown, healthy and best of all, everything is compostable – right down to the packaging.

Dill, cress, rocket and even fennel or kohlrabi; flixGrün® Micro vegetables make it easy to grow your own delicious herbs and fresh vegetables all year round. Everything you need is included in the compostable box – just add light and water.

The ready-to-use solution turns consumers into gardeners in no time: simply slide open the packaging and scatter the seeds over the hemp pad inside the tray. Place the tray somewhere light, water the mat regularly and be patient…then harvest and enjoy! Not only is this sustainable growing at its best, it’s also very convenient.

STI Group developed the innovative flixGrün® carton in close collaboration with Carl Pabst. Not only does the folding box serve as sales packaging and protect the contents, it converts into a mini garden. In keeping with Carl Pabst’s sustainable ethos, the packaging is completely plastic-free and is made purely of FSC® cardboard, with special starch coatings to make the tray waterproof. The hemp inlay provides a healthy growing medium. After harvesting, all leftovers – including the packaging – can be disposed of as organic waste or placed in the compost.