Beer launch - Italian style

2020-06-30 –

In May 2020 a distinctive logo sporting a moustache-wearing, beer-drinking gentleman appeared in stores all over Switzerland as Birra Moretti beer was launched to the Swiss market. To support the retail launch, STI Group designed and produced a wide range of POS.

Keeping brand values at the heart of the Birra Moretti launch campaign, the displays were designed to be eye-catching while also emphasising the brand’s authenticity and commitment to tradition. The highlight was a cardboard reproduction of the 3-wheeled Piaggio Ape, a true Italian icon.

Weighty challenge, simple solution

Faced with the challenge of displaying high volumes of such heavy products - from single cans to 6-can multipacks and 6-bottle cartons - STI came up with a solution that was highly practical, yet still creative and engaging for shoppers. Stacking the heavy cartons of beer directly onto pallets and decorating with pallet sleeves eliminated any concerns over weight, while the real brand impact came from the replica Ape that appeared to be carrying pallets full of beer.

This launch highlight was complemented by the rest of the POS suite, which included everything from bulk shippers for single cans to Drop n Pop columns and shelf wobblers, ensuring as many shopper touchpoints as possible in each store.