Two POS awards in France

2023-06-19 –

No easy task: 167 displays from 10 countries entered this year’s shop! Awards (formerly POPAI Awards) in France. We are delighted that both our submissions for Suntory Beverage & Food France were awarded - silver for Schweppes and bronze for Oasis.

Thank you - and congratulations – to all involved!


Schweppes Selection Premium Permanent Display

This premium rollable floorstand for Suntory was designed to inspire shoppers to try out new cocktails and mixed drinks. An enclosed counter-top area makes an ideal showcase for the different drinks and includes recipes with mixing instructions. The contents of the case can easily be switched, allowing stores to keep pace with the latest drinks trends or reflect the changing seasons.
Featuring plenty of storage space, the cross-category unit is perfect for encouraging shoppers to stock up with a wide range of Schweppes products. Side panelling, styled to look like black quilted leather, reflects the feel of an elegant bar and emphasises the premium quality of the products. Contrasting bar railing and header trim in distinctive Schweppes yellow helps to strengthen brand recognition. Four heavy-duty casters ensure that the filled display, despite weighing over 130kg, remains mobile and can always be positioned for maximum impact.


King-size corrugated display for Oasis ice tea

Oasis launched its expanded product range with a high impact, easily recognisable cardboard display designed to look like a giant bottle of ice tea. Delivered flatpacked, the compact display can be walked into stores by field teams and set up super fast, thanks to built-in biodegradable rubber bands. A QR code printed on the outer links to the simple assembly instructions. 

The slim yet strong display carries 60 bottles and is shoppable on two sides, so is perfect for central aisle locations. It worked brilliantly used alongside large-format POS decorations for the retail launch.