Awarded packaging

2022-10-04 –

At the Lebensmittel Praxis's Brand Magnet Awards premiere in 2022, STI Group’s promotional packaging for Treets - THE PEANUT COMPANY was honoured with an award. Editor Matthias Mahr visited us to present the award to the team responsible for the idea, its design and implementation: Stephanie Schuth, Head of Brand Management Treets - THE PEANUT COMPANY, and STI Group’s packaging development team.

The awards jury evaluated all entries for the degree of innovation they showed, ease of handling for customers and retailers, functionality, shopper engagement, design and packaging material sustainability. The Treets snack packaging and its playful nature, which makes it so perfect for watching sporting events with friends and family, impressed the experts.

In bright Treets orange, the promotional pack immediately catches the eye both in store and online, conveying a clear message: ’Build. Fill. Snack.’ Awakening the shopper's instinct for play, the cardboard kit includes simple instructions for quickly assembling the mini snack stadium. Whether for snacking during the game or flicking peanuts across the playing surface to recreate the latest goal at halftime, its entertainment value is clear. And at the end of the season, the mono-material cardboard packaging can be disposed of with normal waste paper for recycling.

A reversible playing field centre means the party atmosphere can last well beyond the soccer season, with a traditional Super Bowl pitch on the other side. This also encourages consumers to refill the stadium and use it multiple times. Each use multiplies its effectiveness as a memorable touchpoint for the brand for everyone who shares in the fun.