2022-06-30 –

The awards ceremony on September 15 in Paris was exciting for STI Group France and for its customers Jacobs Douwe Egberts and Suntory Beverage & Food; both won a coveted POPAI Award.

Monomaterial coffee display - Gold in Performance Carton Boissons category

This universal display, which works with any Jacobs Douwe Egberts coffee brand, is efficient and takes just seconds to set up in store. Its environmental credentials have been optimised following a full analysis using STI Group's Sustainability Scorecard. 

  • made from recycled FSC®-certified corrugated cardboard 
  • printed with biodegradable inks 
  • glued with plant-based adhesives
  • flatpacked format is logistics-optimised to reduce transport impact
  • fully recyclable monomaterial paper solution

After eliminating all plastic components to maximise recyclability, the next step on JDE’s journey to POP sustainability was to offset the CO2 generated during display production. ClimatePartner offset the CO2 emissions through a forest conservation project in Colombia. 

Giant beverage display - Silver in PLV Boissons category

Champomy non-alcoholic sparkling wine, from Suntory Beverage & Food France, is in season all year round. For the high-turnover Christmas season, a secondary WOW display was used to showcase the product to best effect. Shaped like a giant champagne bottle, the display was instantly recognisable, reminding parents and children to stock up for the festivities.

Made from recycled corrugated cardboard, the super-strong Suntory Beverage & Food display holds 64 glass bottles yet is quick for the sales force to assemble and easy for store staff to remerchandise.

The promotional display was so successful that it remained in stores during January and February instead of the agreed two month period. With its small footprint and all-round accessibility, it was also placed in the bakery aisle, as well as by the confectionery fixture – from Halloween through to Christmas. This effectively showcased the brand on a cross category basis, stimulated impulse purchsae and attracted new shoppers.