Sustainable eye-catcher: corrugated board everywhere!

2023-09-20 –

With a sustainable header made of FSC© material, the Dutch coffee manufacturer Jacobs Douwe Egberts promotes its popular coffee range in an eye-catching way at the POS.

The attractive POS decoration made of recycled material draws the attention of shoppers to JDE's diverse coffee range from afar. At the same time, the POS decoration communicates the coffee manufacturer's sustainable message: only the header is printed and inspires product purchases through the targeted use of messages. The poles and base of the placement are made entirely of corrugated board and replace the previously used metallic and molded cardboard construction. In this way, the idea of sustainability is embodied not only visually but also constructively.

Less is more

Inside the header, material and thus CO2 were reduced in production. At the end of the campaign, the header can be completely recycled - in the spirit of a circular economy.