Double win: shop! D-A-CH Awards 2024

2024-02-29 –

Both our two entries, the stacking tray display for bluu laundry sheets and the promotional packaging for Knetä play dough, have been awarded with a shop! D-A-CH Award 2024.


Our natural-look corrugate packaging makes a perfect partner for KNETÄ® environmentally friendly vegan play dough, which is safe even for small children. Tubs are packed in unconventionally shaped boxes; pouches are secured in their slimline packs by a die-cut leaf that echoes external graphics. Vivid print on the white interior surface of the packaging creates a real WOW effect on opening.   


  • Printed on recycled brown material   
  • Exciting unboxing: vibrant colours inside  
  • Easy assembly   
  • Great presence: on shelf and on screen

See how KNETÄ® and its packaging makes children's eyes light up, ready to create special family memories. 


bluu revolutionary new laundry sheets launch into retailers on our displays that are as practical and environmentally friendly as the product. Made from corrugate, the washing machine display links with the launch campaign’s laundromat theme.   

Launch display learnings:  

  • large communication area to explain innovative product   
  • design fully aligned with launch campaign  
  • recyclable materials reflect brand philosophy   

Our video shows how a new product can be presented powerfully, yet simply and efficiently.