European campaign for Schweppes

2023-10-16 –

The Yellow Storm is a major event orchestrated by the Schweppes brand. Every year, to launch the season, a wave of yellow breaks over the On- and Off-Trade circuits, and goes beyond the borders of France, as the Yellow Storm also takes place on a European scale: in Spain, Belgium, the Netherlands...

Our aim? To keep you up to date with all the latest news from this iconic brand! And this year, there was plenty of it, with the relaunch of the entire range: new recipes, a new design and bottles made from 100% recycled plastic! 

So the Yellow Stormers all got together in France for the 2 commando days. And, as always, employees from the head offices and factories went out into the field to lend a helping hand to the sales force!

  • Off Trade on 12 May: around 300 participants visited 120 targeted shops throughout France during the day.
  • On Trade on 8 June: around 300 participants (FDV + head offices + plants) visited some 4,200 customers during the day.

An impactful production in line with the Schweppes brand's commitments and responsible good practice.

Whether in Spain, France, the Netherlands or Belgium, STI Group has deployed a fun, colourful, high-impact display that complies with the brand's good practice guidelines for POS advertising: use of 97% recycled cardboard, reuse of certain display units and work on the design of single materials.

STI Group, a unique partner for European campaigns 

With display production facilities in Germany, the UK, the Czech Republic and its Spanish partner Miralles, STI Group offers the ideal international network for an effective and successful European POS campaign.