Design for Sustainability

There are many ways we can help you to make your POS solutions more sustainable, and even small changes can have a positive effect.

Not sure where to start? Our advice is, start wherever it makes the most sense for your brand. We can work with you to create packaging and display for a circular economy, so let`s design for recycling!

7 Tips for Rethinking your POS

Guide your consumers! Separation and recycling instructions can be attractively integrated into packaging and display designs. Whether the raw material is sustainably sourced, or the entire project is climate-neutral, shoppers will perceive it more positively.

Separate Disposal
Paper and plastics need to be easy to sperate. For example, plastic viewing windows may not actually need to be glued in. When windows are instead slotted into place, it`s easier for both components to be disposed separately.

Close the Recycling Loop
Monomaterial is king when it comes to design. Many plastic components that feature in packaging and display can be replaced by paper-based alternatives that encourage recycling.

Minimise Material
Has every packaging or display structure been specifically designed to save material? And does the material have to be so thick – could an alternative work? We can review this for you and, where possible, save resources.

Lower Ink Density
Is bolder really better? When it comes to recycling your paper-based products, less is definitely more. Lower ink applications help to facilitate the de-inking process when used materials are converted into new recycled paper.

Sustainable Materials
By always choosing paper products the FSC® or PEFC label, you are opting careful use of forest resources.

CO2 Footprint
We keep our productkon lines lean and the CO2 value of ourpackaging and displays lowe – but CO2 is definitely generated. Why not compensate it through our partner ClimatePartner and communicate your sustainable commitment directly on the packaging or display! The shopper thanks you.

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