As a family business, sustainability for STI Group goes beyond saving energy and combating climate change. It’s also about creating values for our employees and the wider community.

Responsible use of resources also has a positive impact on our business; product and process sustainability are a natural part of our growth strategy. Our annual CSR Report describes our goals, activities and current projects in this area.

A recent survey has shown that sustainability in packaging is also important to consumers; they perceive cardboard and corrugated board packaging to be more environmentally friendly than packaging made from other materials.

UN Global Compact

The code of values proposed by this Global Compact includes principles that STI Group already espoused many years ago, including respecting human rights and labour standards, protecting the environment and fighting corruption. The most important objective of this UN initiative is socially responsible business conduct.  

By joining the Global Compact, we have proactively adopted its principles in our strategy, corporate and work culture, and have incorporated them in our code of conduct. We believe this enhances our reputation for being a creative and innovative partner to our customers by clearly underlining our commitment to sustainability and social responsibility.

The UN Global Compact progress report provides an insight into our activities.