Social commitment

STI Group concentrates its social commitment primarily on the Home for kids e.V. charity and the Wilhelm Stabernack Foundation.

Home for Kids

Hundreds of children are victims of trauma every day in Germany alone. HOME for kids e.V. was founded in 2005 to help improve the psychotherapeutic care of traumatised children and young people and create the right platform for affected children and young people to lead a balanced, responsible life. The charity was founded by STI Group owner Dr. Kristina Stabernack.

Wilhelm Stabernack Foundation

The Wilhelm Stabernack Foundation, founded in 1983 by Wilhelm Stabernack and his wife Ingrid, aims to help individuals in need and deserving charities in the local area. To date the foundation has provided financial support running into six figures, in response to social crises and in aid of a range of charitable institutions, as part of its long-standing commitment to the Vogelsberg region.