Product Protection and Anti-Counterfeiting measures

It is estimated that 10% of all medicines worldwide are counterfeit. Protection against counterfeiting can also be a huge challenge for other industries.

This problem can be tackled by improving the counterfeiting protection of packaging, by enabling customs, retailers and consumers to verify the authenticity of a product using overt, covert or forensic security features.

There are several options for securing a folding box against counterfeiting. Combining as many visible and invisible security features as possible offers the best safeguard. STI Group uses a combination of classic anti-counterfeiting measures along with newer solutions such as Trustcode®. This optical element can be scanned with mobile devices and its authenticity traced instantly via an App. It also allows the supply chain to be monitored using track-and-trace.

Micro-text, ICI or a coating that is only visible under UV light are other security features that may be found on packaging, but such features can only be deployed effectively if there is the means to decode them.