Hygiene Management

Many certifications and standards exist to document compliance with hygiene standards. STI Group has decided on a phased implementation of DIN EN 15593:2008.

The British Retail Consortium (BRC) represents the interests of its members to governments, agencies and EU institutions. Together with the Institute of Packaging (IoP), it has established standards for suppliers of packaging materials for primary food packaging, as stipulated by several retail chains. The BRC-IoP Standard has been widely adopted outside the UK and has virtually evolved into a global standard.

ISO 22000:2005 is a management system with requirements for organisations in the food retail supply chain. Every organisation along this supply chain must demonstrate that it can effectively control the health hazards that may result from its production or further processing, and that the food it puts on the market is safe for human consumption.

An alternative standard is DIN EN 15593, established for good hygiene practices in the packaging industry. Unlike the BRC/IoP standards, DIN EN 15593 was not defined by an interest group but by widely recognized institutions. STI Group follows DIN EN 15593, as integration into a matrix organization is also possible with this standard. Certifications for individual plants can be found in the Certifications section.

It is not known yet whether DIN EN 15593 will be replaced by the new standard ISO/TS 22002-4 (Manufacture of food packaging) in future.

The most important guideline for action for long-term packaging hygiene management is to work towards the proactive, responsible involvement of all personnel in packaging operations.