Dangerous Goods Testing

STI Corrugated GmbH is recognised as a production facility for dangerous goods packaging and displays by the German Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing (BAM) in Berlin.

BAM-tested Dangerous Goods Packaging

Dangerous goods packaging is subject to specific requirements. It must be especially robust, to minimise risk to the environment or people in the event of an accident, and has to be rigorously tested by a recognized external institute before use.

Packaging is assigned to one of three packing groups, depending on the type of dangerous goods (of which there are currently nine classes). The height of the drop test is determined by the packing group. Samples should always be tested in their entirety: i.e. the hazardous material, primary packaging, transport packaging, padding material and closures should all be tested as one unit.

Preliminary testing by our in-house STI Group laboratory forms a core part of our dangerous goods packaging development, as it considerably speeds up the BAM approval process.