Braille Script and Coding

Since 2010 all pharmaceutical packaging is required to include Braille text. STI Group is familiar with this requirement as our Hungarian plant STI Petőfi Nyomda Kft. has been supplying the pharmaceutical industry with Braille-marked folding boxes for many years now.  

For high precision with lower tooling costs, individual folding boxes are normally embossed at the die-cutting or gluing stage. High-quality tactile code can also be applied to F-flute packaging. Some food and cosmetics manufacturers have also adopted this technology to make life easier for blind and visually impaired customers.

Braille Script

  • Marburg Medium font standard gives optimal Braille legibility/tangibility
  • verification and recognition from 8 languages
  • Quality control during the entire production process ensures a legible/tangible result
  • Certification by the Association for the Blind for new products
  • Braille embossing can be done with the die-cutting or the gluing machine