Printing and Finishing

Graphics, quantity, material, application, desired quality and statutory requirements – there are many factors that determine the ideal print process.

STI Group offers a wide variety of print and finishing options and our integrated prepress allows us to process data in an optimal way. This not only saves time and cost, it ensures the best possible print quality for your needs. 

Offset Printing

Our offset printing machines print 5 - 7 colours with one or two varnishing units with the option of UV curing. Sheet sizes range from half-size (500 x 700mm) to VIIb (1200 x 1620 mm). All STI Group machines are equipped with colour-control units. Powerful UV-curing systems allow powderless printing.    

Flexographic Printing

Up to 7 colours can be printed in one run on our high quality direct flexo-printing machine, with a maximum sheet size of 1300 x 2100 mm. Simpler 2-colour print images can also be produced ‘inline’ i.e. printing and die-cutting in a single machine run.  

Digital Printing

Two high-performance large-format digital printing machines provides the ultimate in customisation – right down to a batch size of 1 – bringing true flexibility to large scale production. STI Group’s digital printers can print up to 900 m2 of cardboard or corrugated board per hour. Speeds like this mean no longer need to limit digital printing technology to small batches; it makes digital printing very attractive even for medium-sized production runs. The maximum sheet size is 3200 x 1600 mm resp. 1600 x 3200 mm.

Finishing draws attention

Hot or cold foil stamping, textured varnishes, special-effect varnishes, scented varnishes, embossing or holograms; we consult with customers to recommend appropriate finishes. Depending on the final choice, the results may be seen, felt or even smelt. The look and feel is visualised during the design process itself. Research indicates that high-quality finishing enhances impulse purchases and increases consumer price acceptance.