Materials and Technology

Choosing the right material is a decisive factor in how efficient and effective the final packaging and display will be. Product protection, communication and logistics must also be taken into account.

STI Group invests in the latest design, production and communication technologies to offer:

  • a wide range of flute combinations by producing our own corrugated board
  • greater efficiencies with large format production
  • the highest quality print standards for offset, direct flexo-print and digital
  • optimal machinability and easy handling using the latest gluing technology

STI Group packaging is produced from cardboard or corrugated board; our displays are designed using paper-based materials, wood, plastics, metal and/or electronic components.  

As much packaging as needed, as little packaging as possible. 

How do we choose the best material and flute profile when designing packaging and temporary POS? B, D, E, F or G flute? BC, EF, ED, or FC? A combination of experience and a handy material configurator ensures our developers select the right cardboard and corrugate materials for every application. Sustainability also plays an important role in STI Group product development, both in terms of sustainable material choices and also sustainable technology.