Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management is about linking the supply and value chains through information exchange between all parties. An efficient chain offers maximum competitiveness with reduced lead times.  

For efficient production and logistics planning, STI Group IT systems are coupled with supplier and customer systems. This data exchange allows packaging and display production to be adapted to co-packer sales figures, reducing both inventory and capital expenditure. Simultaneous planning and forecasting like this ensures product availability, lowers costs and improves flexibility for customers.  

Vendor-managed inventory creates 100% inventory transparency for customers without them having to handle inventory management themselves.  

Advantages of Supply Chain Management:

  • Seamless flow of information and goods
  • Transparency of inventory and product availability
  • Factoring in needs of all partners in the value chain
  • Demand-driven packaging and display production based on co-packer sales figures
  • Improved flexibility and shorter leadtimes
  • Reduced process complexity and less working capital deployed
  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)