Protective screens and walls

Flexible screening can help to maintain safe distances in offices, factories and shops. Offered with windows for good visibility and a range of features to suit all application areas.

Protective screens made from corrugated cardboard or light wood are quick and easy to set up, and can be customised.


  • Flexible: tailor to each workplace and its specific needs
  • Hygienic: wipeable; optional standard or antibacterial cellophaning  
  • Custom: adapt the design and message to your own brand or company

Factory and office protective screens
Screens available in white or brown corrugated cardboard as standard, but can be customised however you wish. All screens can be cellophaned for added moisture protection and easy cleaning; antibacterial cellophaning is also possible.

Production environments
Wherever people are in close proximity at workstations or during packing, corrugated cardboard screens make an ideal solution.

With compact delivery, fast assembly, optional viewing windows and even storage compartments, many screen solutions come with adjustable height and width elements so they can be adapted to any setup.

Office environments
Corrugated cardboard screens for open-plan offices increase protection between desks and work islands. Viewing windows support good cooperation and help keep workplaces looking bright and open.

Protective walls for smaller shops, salons and takeaway outlets

Screens and walls can help to provide distance between customers in smaller stores too. Light, quick to use, they can also be customised. Need magnetic strips, interchangeable posters or even chalkboards? Just ask … designs can be truly individual with maximum flexibility.

The plywood standing screen looks natural and sustainable, and is designed for long-term use. Its wide range of design options include lasering as well as printing.

Individual adjustments possible - minimum purchase: 500 units (cardboard) or 200 units (plywood).