Protective solutions for businesses

We’ve been inspired to develop solutions that make life easier for customers, retailers and workers who are all trying to cope with Covid-19 and its many implications. Our emphasis is on making people safer, and everyday life simpler.

Protective screens and walls

In offices, factories and stores, protective cardboard screens and walls can help us all to maintain safe distances. With windows for good visibility, and a range of features to suit different application areas, they are available quickly and can also be customised.

Also ideal for smaller shops, salons and takeaway food outlets.

Face masks

Where distances cannot be maintained, a CE-tested transparent face shield can be used. This PSA risk class II visor covers the full face with a foam headpiece to comfortably protect eyes, nose and mouth from liquid splashes.

For short-term use by shoppers in retail stores is a handy disposable cardboard nose and mouth cover, or a cardboard visor with viewing window offers greater comfort.

Shopping trolley protection

Avoid direct contact with cardboard shopping trolley handle covers. There’s a solution for every handle shape whether it’s a continuous bar, has a centre box or features pushing aids.

Attach in one easy step by hooking the tabs. Just as quick to release.

Made from 100% recyclable cardboard.

Stand-up desk adapter

Stand up whenever you want!

This simple cardboard adapter offers you the chance to work standing up for some or all of the time, which is great news for your back.

Instantly transform any table (that could be your desk, kitchen table or even a workbench) into a standing workstation.

Hand Sanitizing Stations

Whether indoor or outdoor, on the counter or free-standing, with sensor or foot pedal - we have the right sanitizer solution for every application. All versions can optionally be provided with your branding and are available in many standard colours. All designs are of the highest quality, durable, can be refilled quickly and safely and are characterised by contactless disinfection.