Harmonising and modularising packaging and display concepts

Brand manufacturers are increasingly working on international POS concepts to ensure that their global brands retain a coherent and consistent presence in all countries and regions. Not to be ignored is the huge potential for cost optimisation that these international POS campaigns also offer, by enabling larger production quantities and reducing process costs.

Modular concepts can be creative

Implementing global campaigns is no simple task; in Europe alone there can be great differences between countries in consumer preferences and retailer requirements. As the leading display supplier in Europe, STI Group has long-standing expertise in successfully standardising and modularising display concepts. Our international design centres are skilled at effectively blending global requirements with local needs.

During the modularisation process it is important not to lose the emotional impact of a display solution; after all, this is what encourages shoppers to stop and buy. All our modular concepts are designed so that they can be enhanced with creative decoration and/or complementary POS activities.

Potential for up to 25% savings

Modular displays provide incredible flexibility for retailers: the stockholding quantity and product range can be adjusted by region, by sales channel and even by retailer. STI Group concepts have helped major brand manufacturers reduce their process costs along the entire value chain by anywhere from 10% and 25%.

Packaging range harmonisation

Companies that have a wide range of brands and products can benefit enormously from packaging solutions that use common components to reduce complexity and cost.

Harmonising and standardising packaging is a core focus of our specialist packaging division at STI Group. Our consulting team first examines requirements along the entire value chain and analyses waste and savings potential. Next, the designers develop modular packaging systems that can be machine-filled or manually filled and recommend the packaging process that is best suited to the client’s organisation.

The advantage: all services are provided under one roof, with maximum synergy, fewer components – and an overall increase in process efficiency.