Evaluating Effectiveness

Secondary displays are meant to boost sales, attract new target groups and contribute to a higher distribution rate. However, marketers regularly want to know: which display will be most effective for a particular campaign?

Using our in-house forecasting model ROI Light™, we offer brand owners the chance to test secondary displays before launching them. To give a realistic impression of their impact in store, secondary display options can be projected into real retail environments using 3D presentation before production begins.

Higher chances of success using pretest

ROI Light™ is a pretest tool for evaluating secondary display concepts. Different display options can be evaluated by consumer panels early in the design phase. A forecasting model indicates how well each option fits with the brand. The displays are evaluated for perceived attractiveness, which elements catch consumers’ eyes, and which design most encourages the target group to purchase.  

The consumer panel can be customised for different groups and/or countries. ROI Light™ can help answer questions such as: ‘Will the same design work in different countries?’ ‘Which display should be used for which target group?’ Data on consumer behaviour and consumer insights can also be collected.