Die-making and Tooling

Our extensive die-making expertise is thanks to the experienced team at STI CAD Laser Form GmbH. Based on CAD data from product development, around 30 people use the latest technology to create die-cutting and stripping tools for STI Group plants.

A common data pool - from product development and prepress to die-cutting – ensures high quality and consistency. This minimises new order leadtimes and keeps costs down for repeat orders.

Our die-cutting services at a glance:

  • Die-cutting tool production – from laser cutting components to rubberising tools
  • Producing stripping tools using strip steel or Strip Clip ®
  • Making stripping tools using Boxplan stripping pins (for die-free stripping)
  • Milling Pertinax matrices (Rillma)
  • Cutting plastic / foam and rubber contours using waterjet technology
  • Repairing and modifying existing tools  

STI CAD Laser Form also supplies die-cutting and stripping tools to external customers from the plastic, foam and wood industries as well as trade printers.