From the original idea to placement in store, every product goes through a complex process. Factors specific to the market, production technology and logistics are all important when developing the ideal packaging or display solution.

STI Group’s consulting team can advise customers on product and process optimization, and assist in choosing the right machine technology for executing new packaging concepts efficiently.

Our consulting experts regularly collaborate with machinery manufacturers, thus bringing real value to partnerships with customers.

Product and Process Optimisation

Our consultants can assist customers with a wide product portfolio or large sales territory in systematically analysing and harmonising their different packaging and displays. This reduces costs along the entire value chain (TCO), reduces time to market and offers a real competitive edge. A great example of this is display on demand.

Display on demand gives the flexibility to meet the needs of different countries and retail channels and to customise campaigns at short notice. It is based on a cleverly designed display platform of generic display components, which can be cost-effectively customised using specific components at the last minute.

This innovative concept is founded on the just in time supply principles first coined by the automotive industry, and allows marketing managers to reduce complexity and material wastage within their supply chain.

The results speak for themselves. Display on demand has generated savings from:

  • reducing parts by more than 50%
  • cutting replenishment lead times in half
  • bringing down process and logistics costs by as much as 10 - 20%.