Modular shelf display

A modular corrugated board system forms the basis of the modular shelf display, which share uses for its broad product range. The flexible display solution is based on a neutral body and individual components that can be easily adapted for special promotions. While the basic body is being pre-produced, posters, side claddings and base panels can be produced quickly and cost-effectively shortly before the start of the next campaign. Ideal for start-ups, as even small quantities can be produced quickly and cost-effectively.

The share Brotbox display gives the social message a lot of space, because it needs a corresponding communication area. For five organic snacks in a bread tin, five meals are donated to a schoolchild in the Republic of Congo according to the 1+1 principle.

Sustainability factor: piece-exact production of claddings, no unnecessary waste saves resources and CO2, multiple use, made of recycled corrugated board, Design to Recycle.

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