Barista’s favourite: corrugated POS display for Pocket Coffee

To ensure that the Italian favourite Pocket Coffee won over German shoppers, the Ferrero team launched an ‘indulgence kick’ campaign in store.

The inspiration for this POS display was an Italian portafilter, a barista favourite for handcrafting espressos. This also made it perfect for establishing an emotional connection with shoppers, as it works on two levels: setting the scene for the product and linking it firmly to Italian coffee culture. The impressively detailed 3D coffee machine display is entirely made from corrugated cardboard and offers space for 72 packs of Pocket Coffee.

Both 5-packs and 18-packs can be quickly and easily merchandised in their existing shelf-ready packaging. 

The tiered presentation ensures that Pocket Coffee is highly visible and accessible from the front of the display. Recessed side panels also enable access from left and right. Additional packs can even be placed on top of the 3D coffee machine, which invitingly puts the product at eye level.

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