STI Group wins five more POPAI D-A-CH Awards

2017-07-04 –

The POPAI D-A-CH Awards jury has selected the most successful POS solutions in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, with five solutions by STI Group standing out among them.

Receiving golden POPAI Indians this year was the Leibniz Keks’n Cream campaign. Silver went to the premium permanent display for Signal White Now Touch from Unilever, while the innovative mini oven for PowerBar’s direct mail packaging won bronze. The DisHonored 2 launch standee also received a bronze Indian for its striking use of lighting and 3D to capture the imaginations of video game fans. The new resource-saving Wrigley display range was won a Sustainability Award.

Andrea Wildies, Director of Sales and Marketing at STI Group, is delighted with the variety of awards. ‘Winning awards across this broad range of product groups and sectors just confirms the breadth of our expertise as a design and manufacturing company. It shows how effectively our teams translate brand, product and retailer needs into successful instore solutions.’

Sustainability takes the top spot

A particular highlight was being awarded in the sustainability category for the Easy Coat display. This concept was used for the first time to present the Wrigley brand in the cash & carry sector. ‘Sustainability is becoming more and more important for many brand owners when designing POS solutions,’ says Andrea Wildies, ‘and this fits perfectly with our proactive approach to saving resources.’ STI Group developed a chewing gum shipper that enables the display base and body to be cut from a single sheet of corrugated board, and results in a massive 40% saving in material use. Clever folds give the final display a premium look, with print on its inside surfaces, at no extra cost.

This award-winning display solution neatly delivers against the Wrigley philosophy of sustainability, while enhancing its marketing. With ten brands of chewing gum on sale in Germany, mainly driven by impulse purchase, Wrigley’s success relies on high impact POS. The strongest impulse brands – EXTRA, Airwaves, Wrigley's Spearmint and Orbit, and trending brand 5GUM – are now presented more effectively in cash & carry using STI Group’s efficient design. ‘Using a uniform, material-optimised structure like Easy Coat for the different Wrigley brands helps to preserve budgets as well as the environment,’ emphasises Markus Weißgerber, POS Design and Innovation Manager for STI Group. ‘We are so pleased that the Wrigley display family has helped to secure a good position in cash & carry and deliver an increase in sales.’

STI Group achieves its 300th award

Every year STI Group puts its design expertise to the test at numerous national and international competitions. This year the company passed a significant milestone, having now received more than 300 awards across the group. Of these more than 30 are POPAI D-A-CH Awards, which have been won since the first ceremony in 2011.


The award-winning solutions, one by one:

POS topics for Leibniz Keks’n Cream – gold winner in the food category, items for everyday use and sweets

In order to turn shoppers into buyers, Leibniz uses the tried and tested "attract - engage - sell" formula.A superstructure with a 3D effect already speaks to the target group from a distance. Immediately before the placement, pillars with Sight Fiction posters ensure interaction with the product. So that the shoppers can be directly convinced by the product quality, the integrated tester shelf invites them to try it.

Premium launch display for Signal White Now Touch – silver winner in the beauty and scents category

The elegant launch display presents the new Signal White Now Touch tooth whitener pen in an impressive manner, the 3D replica of the product ensures special attention. As part of a 360° communication campaign, the long-term display takes up the most important design elements of the TV and online measures and therefore has a high recognition value.

Premium decoration with light and 3D effect for DisHonored 2 – bronze winner in the telecommunications & computers category

The focus of the presentation for the sales launch of the DisHonored 2 video game is on the main characters, which are accentuated using a blooming contour poster. The division of the face in two by a blue, back-lit acrylic plate draws attention to the placement. At the same time, the decoration visualises the idea from the game: the players can decide which role they want to play.

Anniversary mailing packaging for PowerBar – bronze winner in the food category, item for everyday use and sweets

For its 30-year anniversary, PowerBar launched two new products, that were sent with a limited mailing packaging to opinion leaders across Europe. Designed as a classic gas stove, the packaging is reminiscent of the manufacture of the first energy bars by the company founder in a home oven and triggered a viral marketing campaign.

Resource-saving Easy Coat display for Wrigley – Special Price in the sustainability category In the cash & carry sector

Wrigley presents its strongest impulse brands EXTRA, Airwaves, Wrigley's Spearmint and Orbit, as well as the trending brand 5GUM in an efficient logistics display, in which the base and sheath are made from just one single corrugated cardboard sheet. The inside print, which is created by a clever folding technique, increases the brand perception; the display looks attractive even in a half sold out condition.