STI Group shows off the world’s biggest advertising column at FachPack 2015

2015-09-29 –

Packed in a handy-sized outer, the DROP’N POP advertising column works exactly the way it sounds: hold it at the top, let the lower part drop, and it pops out automatically – DROP’N POP! Its clever mechanism and easy handling has made it one of STI Group’s best-selling products, and the next chapter in its success story will unfold in Hall 7a at FachPack 2015. A giant DROP’N POP column, designed to capture attention from afar, will tower over visitors to the show.  

Standing an impressive 10 metres tall and over 2 metres wide, the mammoth column in Nuremberg is the largest advertising medium of its kind in the world. It weighs in at an impressive 200 kilograms, meaning that – unlike its smaller siblings in standard retail sizes – it cannot be carried by hand. 

Regardless of height, all DROP’N POP columns have one thing in common: their unusually large advertising space, making them an effective showcase for any brand. Distinctively shaped, the column gets noticed in store; even from a distance.   

Perfect compliance  

These columns also score highly for consistent retail presence. As many as 40% of promotional POS items never see the shop floor because store staff don’t have time for complicated assembly. With the DROP’N POP, in-store compliance is close to 100%.  

3-second set up  

DROP’N POP columns are 99.5% cardboard and easy to recycle. Their patented elastic band popup system scores points for clever mechanics, and they really do set up in just 3 seconds.  

Compact column  

Each standard-size DROP’N POP column packs flat into a 50 x 40 cm box that is just 3.5cm thick. An average car boot can easily hold 50 columns. Not only easy to handle, the columns are also efficient and environmentally friendly to transport.  


DROP’N POP columns grab attention everywhere, from retail stores to trade fairs, and can be reused several times. Able to accommodate leaflet holders for distributing consumer information flyers or competition entry forms, they can also be used with Eurohooks to directly sell products.