STI Group inaugurates offset printing centre in Vogelsberg

2016-07-05 –

Dr. Kristina Stabernack, STI Group’s owner and the chair of the advisory board, welcomed some 100 guests to the inauguration of the company’s new offset printing centre in Lauterbach. Among the guests impressed by the ambitious construction project were representatives from industry and policymaking bodies, as well as the construction firms involved and STI Group employees.

A new 2000m2 logistics depot with 3000 pallet bays has been built at the Lauterbach plant during the past six months, and has been equipped with four loading ramps to ensure efficient goods transfer.

’The concept behind our new logistics facility was based on an analysis by the Fraunhofer Institute. The flow of goods across our plant was analysed and streamlined before construction began,’ explains Plant Manager Michael Busold. ’ Adding a further high-performance printing machine to the site – the fourth of its kind in Lauterbach – means that going forwards, STI Group’s offset printing expertise will be centralised in the Vogelsberg region.’ Busold added that the project involved a high seven-figure investment.

Dr. Kristina Stabernack stressed the importance of the new offset printing centre’s location for the future viability of the entire Group. ’Investments of this sort call for courage and the ability to make ambitious business decisions. We have shown both. However, to make regions like Vogelsberg appeal to both residents and prospective entrants, we need more than just the commitment of the business community.’ She called upon the policymakers present at the ceremony to take their responsibility towards the region seriously by creating an attractive environment for locals where businesses can thrive.

Largest single investment and workhorse of the new offset printing center, the Heidelberger Speedmaster XL is a high-performance printing press capable of producing up to 15,000 printed sheets per hour. Based on its 7B print sheet size (1200 x 1620mm), the daily output of this machine alone could cover 80 football fields. ’We need this inreased capacity, as we plan to serve our sister plant in Grebenhain while also substantially boosting our packaging production here in Lauterbach,’ says Plant Manager Michael Busold. The Speedmaster brings the total capacity of the new offset printing centre, which currently runs three presses in multiple shifts, to around 120 million printed sheets per year. STI Group facilities in Greven, Neutraubling, Rumburk (CZ) and Kecskemét (HU) broaden the company’s capacity still further. 

STI Group now has three production plants within a radius of about 50km in the Vogelsberg region, each focusing on a different printing process. Grebenhain is the digital printing centre and the Alsfeld plant specialises in flexographic printing, while Lauterbach houses the new offset printing centre and offers the very latest technology in this field. By specialising in these locations, STI Group can bring together and apply its considerable expertise in the most effective way.