Sales Boom

2015-06-08 –

Want a modular, stable and cost effective display to boost sales of diverse products? Need it delivered quickly, at entry-level prices? Meet Boomer, the new generation of corrugate displays.

‘Three parts, six rivets – and you are all set!’ says Michael Depoqui, Head of the Insight Centre, Alsfeld, describing the simplicity of the new concept. ‘The units are so quick and easy to assemble, yet have endless possibilities for product display.’

There are two variants, each based upon a stable core structure. One style comprises trays with corrugate clasps or recyclable brackets, while the other is made of stackable chutes.

Different promotion – same display

Boomer is versatile. Topping the single-colour flexo-printed corrugate body is a litho-printed header, changeable for different promotional campaigns. You can also add a customisable panel to the display body.

Higher sales – lower costs

This entry-level display is made possible through optimised design and production. ‘Customers don’t just save on print plate costs; the basic variants even reduce tooling costs’, explains Depoqui.

That’s not the only advantage of this value engineering; as well being cost-effective, the displays can also be produced and delivered quickly.