Virtual brainstorming workshops

2020-03-26 –

"How so we make our displays more sustainable?" or "How can we harmonize our POS presence in Europe?” Solutions to these classic questions and more are often started in a brainstorming workshop that enables cross-fertilisation of ideas from design, marketing and other key functions. The inspiring environment generates innovative solutions in a much shorter time.

"Particularly in this age of remote working and travel restrictions, our workshops offer huge benefits as they bring diverse perspectives together," emphasises Claudia Rivinus, Marketing Director at STI Group. "We can still share ideas and create new solutions effectively in a virtual environment, using the latest communication tools."

This way of working really makes sense, and not just because of the current situation. Our online workshops offer all the same collaboration potential of a physical meetings, and have long helped us to drive innovation across our own network of European sites.

Asking key questions online prior to each workshop helps to define participant expectations and shape the final output. "We ask about each customer’s objectives for aspects such as sustainability, as well as how they define success in a product launch, etc. This gives us a shared understanding from which to collaborate," says Rivinius. "Concepts discussed during a workshop can then be evaluated more effectively, because everyone is using the same criteria.”

Live from the POS studio

Online workshops can include video presentations from one of our Insight Centre studios. Concepts can be explained live on screen using real samples, bringing ideas to life for all participants, as well as being shared digitally via 3D PDFs and animations.