Supermarket Treasure Hunt

2015-09-25 –

STI Group display ‘speaks’ to shoppers via smartphone

How can digital customer engagement  be leveraged at the point of sale connecting Beacons and displays?

Join Isabell on her shopping trip for the weekend. Experience how an app guides her way to the display for a new energy drink. Her treasure hunt is rewarded with a coupon she can redeem right at the checkout.

Hidden beacon

The treasure hunt is made possible thanks to a beacon attached to the Chep pallet underneath the display, transforming a block of plastic into an interactive medium.

‘During our collaboration with the Fraunhofer Institute we realised that this idea could work brilliantly for many of our customers, as our display solutions are often delivered on pallets. This would also make interactive, cross-channel promotions possible for a relatively low cost,’ says Claudia Rivinius, Marketing Director at STI Group.  

The cutting edge display developed by STI Group experts for the company’s own brand, STImulate stands out for its unusual shape and attractive design, but creates a far bigger impact through its ability to directly engage shoppers.

The app used to demonstrate the technology has been devised by the Fraunhofer Institute development team. It permits the distance between smartphone and beacon to be calculated very precisely, ensuring optimal shopper guidance.